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Sample A+ Resume

Avoid using your full address. Your city and state is enough.

Remember to include your country code when applying for jobs abroad. Also, beware of fake job postings on the major boards! Fake recruiters could collect your phone number and email address. While spam email is easy to block, unwanted calls are much harder to ignore. If you can, use a prepaid SIM card or a virtual phone number during your job-hunt. You can give your potential employer your real phone number later, during or after the recruiting process.

Always use a professional email address (e.g. Consider buying your own domain when applying for IT jobs.

Portfolio pages and public repositories (e.g. GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket) are well-regarded. Avoid social media links unless they are relevant to your field.

Stick to a maximum of two or three sentences.

Keep skills organized and relevant to the jobs you are applying to.


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