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Are you using a style and format that maximises your chances of landing interviews? Most companies rely on Application Tracking Systems (ATSs) to extract employment data and keywords from resumes. These systems rank applicants before being forwarded to recruiters. However, only the highest ranked resumes will receive the long-awaited callback.

Will your resume pass the bots?

Although you might be qualified for the job, your resume's design could be holding you back. A flashy resume might stand out if you're stuck in the '90s, nowadays you are dealing with the complexities of online applications. ATSs act as middleware between you and recruiters, so make sure that both your resume and the ATS speak the same language.

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We have been working with job seekers to research and craft professional resumes that are both ATS-compliant and look great on paper. Start using BingoCV right away, no sign up required! In 5 minutes you'll have a professionally designed resume that is compatible with most ATSs and maximises your rate of success.

What's the catch?

There is no catch! No BS! We don't insert any watermarks, nor do we collect any data. When two friends asked me to help them design their resume, I took some time aside and helped them. When seven other friends showed up, I built BingoCV to automate the process.

Job hunting is tough enough and people lacking technical skills should not be penalized for not having a pretty resume. The default format is free, and we (Kim and I) offer one-to-one assistance for only $49. So, if you need a re-design or would like to tweak the default style, we'll work with you and make sure that your new resume is as clean and professional as it could possibly be.

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